Join us at Polyday

Come and meet hundreds of people that identify as non-monogamous at the largest event in Europe on polyamory, Relationship Anarchy and other forms of non-monogamy.

What's on at Polyday?


Doors open



Some predictable announcements, some exciting ones and a great big welcome for everyone from the organisers!

Session 1 - 10:30 to 11:40

Main Hall

Polyamory 201

A more detailed look at living as a polyamorous person, for everyone who’s been doing this for a little while. We’ll be discussing some of the ins and out of practicing polyamory in the long term, and you are welcome to share your own experiences too.

Facilitated by Eunice Hung

Meeting Room

Polyamory 101

An introduction to Polyamory for everyone just starting out on the road to ethical non-monogamy. If you’re new to Polyamory this is for you. We will probably cover common problems you might encounter, ways to start, what style might make you happiest, strange new words and how not to mess up.

Facilitated by Charlotte Davies

Session 2 - 11:55 to 13:05

Main Hall

Speed Friending Icebreaker

Since Polyday is the UK’s largest one day ethical non-monogamy conference this is your chance to meet a lot of new people and hopefully make new poly friends.

Facilitated by Marcos & Eunice

Meeting Room

Sexy Health

Condoms? Dental Dams? Finger cots? This will be a clinical look at sexual health with multiple partners.

Facilitated by Eleanor Dreager

13:05 - 14:30

Lunch Break

You can bring your own packed meal, tough we have no facilities for heating or keeping cool.

You can also purchase something in the area.

If you are eating on-site, please do it inside the venue.

Session 3 - 14:35 to 15:45

Main Hall

Polyamory & Mental Health

Mental Health: often an avoided subject and sometimes particularly within diverse communities, but here mental health will be discussed in regard to polyamory.

Bring your own experiences, advice, questions and qualms around this much needed and sensitively addressed topic.

Facilitated by DK Green

Meeting Room

Memos from the BAME Side

Dialogue and actualisation around notes written by those that know, want to know and have seen.

Following last year’s workshop activity on writings about the intersectionality of being BAME and Poly Zayna will present those words, feelings and common misconceptions concerning intersectionality and why dual identity can be viewed as a myth.

Zayna is an Integrative Hypno-Psychotherapist experienced in GSRD, LGBTQIA+, Alt, Poly, Fetish and BDSM based in Oxford.

She currently holds trainee member status of UKCP, NCH & NSHP. She is a Stonewall BAME PoC Role Model and Rep to a therapist training organisations Academic board. She is presently Community Liaison Officer for Oxford Pride and Trustee of Oxford Friend.

Zayna’s specialisations include, media work, cultural appropriation, terminologies, intersectionality, Mental Health Awareness and BAME issues.

Writer of the blog theraputicallypoly, firebrand and moderator of Bamepoly and Oxfordshire Poly Parents Facebook groups.

Zayna was featured in April 18 DIVA magazine.

Facilitated by Zayna Ratty

Session 4 - 16:00 to 17:10

Main Hall

History of Polyamory

Dr Kate Lister is intellectually slutty. She spends most of her time peeping up the skirts of history and reporting what she finds to over 185,000 follows on Twitter as @WhoresofYore.

​Kate is a lecturer at Leeds Trinity University, where she researches the history of sexuality and curates Whores of Yore. She also writes regularly for Inews and the Wellcome Trust on all things historically sexual.

In 2017, Kate won the Sexual Freedom Award for Publicist of the year.

Facilitated by Kate Lister

Meeting Room

Consent Culture

Jenny is a performing artist and producer running her own company, Irregular Arts, alongside her work as a coach and blogger.  She is a feminist and activist, often working with communities and groups on arts and other projects. She is passionate about the need to challenge the societal conventions about human relationships and build a culture of consent.

Jenny will present some ideas and then facilitate a creative discussion about consent.  It’s not as simple as yes means yes and no means no. This session will explore the grey areas and strategies for negotiating them. We’ll also consider how we can work together to build a culture of consent.”

Facilitated by Jenny Wilson

Session 5 - 17:25 to 18:35

Main Hall

LGBTQ+ Panel Discussion

A panel to discuss the intersection and issues of being LGBTQIA+.

Facilitated by Conaire Hodgson

Meeting Room


Tannah has practiced polyamory for 6 years and has identified specifically with solo poly for 2 years. A self-confessed sexuality nerd, sex positive feminist, anxiety slayer and independent woman she finds peace and deep personal satisfaction with herself as her primary partner.

Currently studying law, she feels very strongly about human rights, gender equality, sex workers rights, animal rights, access to justice and issues surrounding both consent and alternative relationship practices from a legal perspective. Drawing from her own personal experience she aims to guide us through the rewards and hurdles of navigating solo poly – a journey that is ultimately a solo one.”

Facilitated by Tannah Collier

18:40 - 19:00

Raffle & Closing

Just a quick word from the organisers. Don’t worry, we’ll all be ready for a break by then so it won’t take long. 

We will be selling raffle tickets through the day to support Polyday next year. This is where some lucky buyers get to take home their surprises.

19:00 - onwards

Social gathering at a local pub

For those that can stay, we will be continuing with a social gathering at a nearby pub within walking distance.

Help make Polyday 2018 better than ever

Polyday is created entirely through the effort and skills of volunteers (we even pay for our tickets!)

If you would want to contribute your time and skills, please get in touch! It’s never too early or too late: people on the day are super useful, but a lot of work goes into planning Polyday as well.

Besides volunteering there is more you can do:

  • Tell your polycule and the other people in your life
  • Please mention us in communities or mailing lists you’re a member of where you think it’s appropriate too.
  • Tweet about us #polydayuk
  • Invite people to or Facebook event.
  • Distribute fliers: Get in touch and we can send you some of our A6 colour flyers. You can also download a pdf here.


Tickets can be bought online through Eventbrite until Friday 12 October 2018.

Please note that additional Evenbrite fees apply. If you want to avoid these, please purchase tickets directly at the London Polyamory Meetup Group events.

On the day of the event, the tickets are all £20, with no concessions.

  • People receiving benefits
  • Full-time students
  • OAPs
  • People on low wages
  • Children between 6-17 years
  • Does not include Eventbrite fees
Get tickets
Advance Ticket
  • Buy before 6pm on Friday 12 October 2018
  • Does not include Eventbrite fees
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Angel Ticket
  • One ticket for you
  • A ticket for the "Angel Fund" for someone that can't afford it otherwise
  • Does not include Eventbrite fees
Get tickets

Where does the price of my ticket go?

Polyday is a non-profit event entirely run and presented by volunteers (we even pay for our own tickets!). 99% of the money from ticket sales goes into paying for the venue and the rest is spent on things like pens, lanyards, blutac, etc…

  • Venue costs
  • Other running costs
Angel Wings graffitti by Collete Miller.

Can't afford a ticket?

We want to make Polyday as accessible as we can, while still covering the costs to be able to run it.

If you can’t afford a Concession ticket and/or need support for travelling, you could be able to access funding from the Angel Fund, donated by other people.


The venue

Wilditch Community Centre

48 Culvert Rd, Battersea

London SW11 5BB


We work to make Polyday as accessible as possible.

Before the event

If you have a disability or other access need (eg mobility issue, sensory impairment, mental health need, learning disability/difficulty) please get in touch as early as possible.
If you are coming to Polyday with your own support/personal assistant/carer you will not be expected to pay for them to attend to support you.

Person getting in touch.
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Cup of tea.
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On the day

Seating should be available throughout the day, as will refreshments.

If you are having problems on the day, please ask one of the many volunteer helpers for assistance, don’t stay silent – it may be that we can solve any problem on the spot, and if not, it’s useful to help us run future events.

Frequently asked questions

What time does the day start?

Doors open at 9:30. Greetings and housekeeping will take place at 10:15 and the first sessions start at 10:30.

Can I get food at the venue? Are refreshments available?

There are shops/pubs/cafes in the area, so we won’t have catering on offer this time.

There will be teas and coffee and a few snacks available to purchase for a small contribution. You may bring your own picnic if you want.

There is also a microwave available if you need to get something reheated at lunchtime.

Can I bring children?

Yes. Children under 12 pay £10 (available at the door only). Children under 5 can come in for free.

Please note that there will be no childcare service. Children must be accompanied at all times by an adult. Sessions suitable only for those over 18 will be flagged.

What is the nearest train station?

Battersea Park is the nearest suburban rail station.

Clapham Junction is about 12 minutes away by public transport.

What tickets are available on the door?

Day tickets (£20) are available on the door. Please note that we cannot offer concessions on the day.

Is the venue accessible?

Please check our accessibility section.

Where does the price of my ticket go?

Spaces in London are really expensive. Literally 99% of your ticket goes to paying for the venue, with the remaining 1% covering miscellaneous event costs (blu tac, stickers, paper…).

The venues consistently cost around £2k, and we haven’t been able to find any venues that are significantly cheaper than that for our requirements.

Do the organisers get paid for their work?

No, we don’t get paid – in fact, we even pay for our own (full price) tickets!

We also don’t get our expenses paid (and some of us don’t live in London) so between travelling to the monthly committee meetings and things we buy for Polyday, it actually costs us more as individuals to attend than anyone else!

Can I sponsor Polyday?

Please get in touch to discuss sponsoring possibilities.

I am writing and article/making a documentary on polyamory. Can I attend?

People working in the media are welcome to attend Polyday by purchasing a ticket and requesting a “Press Badge”. Please do so through our contact form.

Can I bring/pass out flyers for my business/event?

You can bring flyers, which we will place on a table for that purpose.

Who would I contact if I want to volunteer?

Thank you for volunteering! Polyday wouldn’t be possible without the support of people like you.

Please fill the contact form to volunteer.

Where can I find more resources about polyamory? features a list of online resources to learn more about polyamory and connect with other non-monogamous people.

Code of conduct

  • We love photographs, but please only photograph, film, or record people with their express consent, and say if and where any recording or photograph will be used.
  • Recording the workshops on any media is strictly forbidden (that includes video, photography or audio).
  • Keep what is said in workshops confidential. If you discuss a workshop, whether in conversation, in a blog entry, or elsewhere, don’t identify any participants without their permission.
  • When discussing people attending more generally, please use the name (and pronouns) on their name badge.
  • Please respect the privacy of others generally.
  • People from the media can attend Polyday by purchasing a ticket and requesting a “Press Badge” that they must wear at all times.
  • No filming, recording or photographing can take place during workshops. Participants can only be filmed, photographed or interviewed if they are adults and give express consent.
  • No means no: if someone asks you to leave them alone, please do so immediately.
  • No one at Polyday should be put under any pressure to join in with anything they don’t want to.
  • Hugs and touches can be great, but not everybody wants them. Don’t invade personal space unless you are invited to. A useful phrase is ‘Would you like a hug?’.
  • Polyday is not a fetish club or a sex club; please keep any behaviour legal, and generally within the bounds of what’s acceptable in public.
  • If you’re getting unwanted attention from someone, you can tell the desk or workshop facilitator, and we will politely tell them to stop. We’re happy to do so even if you haven’t asked them to stop since that’s not always easy to do.
  • No smoking inside at Polyday – this is the law.
  • Party responsibly; try to avoid getting too drunk or too dehydrated.

If you have any problems, questions or comments, or notice anything that concerns you, please talk to the staff on the registration desk.

Should we find it necessary to ask a Polyday attendee to leave for the safety or wellbeing of others, no refund will be offered.

Contact us

Person texting.
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If you have general questions, comments or enquiries, please get in touch using this form.

Get in touch
Many people forming a heart with their painted hands.
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Polyday is made by volunteers and its never to early or to late to become one!

If you’d like to form part of the group of people actively organising Polyday or just want to lend a hand on the day, let us know!

Video camera.
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If you are a journalist, media creator or artist working on a piece on polyamory you are welcome at Polyday but:

  • You have to buy a ticket.
  • You have to request and wear a press badge at all times.
  • You cannot photograph or record workshops in any way.
  • You can only interview people outside sessions with their express consent

It will also help if you read this article before.

Request badge
People shaking hands.
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Sponsorship Opportunities

Would you like to sponsor Polyday in any way?

Let's talk!

Angel Fund application

Person in front of graffiti of angel wings.
Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash

If you can’t afford a Concession ticket or need financial help for travel, please fill in the form bellow to apply for aid from the “Angel Fund” (donated by other people attending).

Please note that the funds available depend on how many people buy Angel Tickets and, thus, we can’t guarantee that your application will be successful.

Apply for Angel Fund